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March 07 2012

February 01 2012


January 02 2012


Google has made two changes to its search results pages aimed to discourage piracy and promote original content when published by its rightful owners. Rich Music Snippets help highlight legit audio content, while changes they made to Autocomplete have blacklisted a number of piracy-related search terms, so as not to appear to openly encourage copyright infringement.

They've also begun to more actively enforce their long-standing prohibition against AdSense users displaying Google's ads on pages that offer pirated content.

Google Declares Progress Against Piracy as it Seeks Media Partners

July 30 2010

Le persone desiderano accedere a un bene culturale e quando costa troppo trovano un sistema per non pagarlo affatto. - Blog - Lipperatura di Loredana Lipperini » Blog Archive » CHI LEGGE, CHI SCRIVE
Bisogna far leva sui prezzi bassi, al massimo 4,90 euro, e sulla pigrizia: un click e hai l’eBook sull’eReader, come capita con il Kindle di Amazon. Sì compete con la copia pirata, che è gratis: con 10 euro si fomenta solo la pirateria etica. - Blog - Lipperatura di Loredana Lipperini » Blog Archive » CHI LEGGE, CHI SCRIVE
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