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"The fact that the Flame group shared their source code, their intellectual property, with the Stuxnet group proves that there is an actual link," Roel Schouwenberg , a senior researcher at Kaspersky Lab, said during an online press conference. (...)

The Flame code was found in a platform component that was included in earlier versions of Stuxnet that were collected in 2009,(...)

Some of the Flame code included in resource 207 contained a "special trick" to infect USB drives by manipulating the "autorun.inf" configuration file used to automatically launch applications when they're inserted into Windows PCs. It also contains code that exploits a privilege-escalation vulnerability designated as MS09-025. Microsoft didn't release an update patching the bug until June of 2009.

Discovery of new “zero-day” exploit links developers of Stuxnet, Flame | Ars Technica

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