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(((A school of thought has arisen that says that “Flame” isn’t technically a “cyberweapon” because “Flame” doesn’t blow stuff up. Flame is just espionage, and not cyberwarfare, in other words. Well, I can take the point there, but Stuxnet DID blow stuff up, or at least ruin atomic centrifuges beyond repair; and Flame is apparently built by the same weapon shop. Furthermore, the Iranians claim that big heaps of their data have been mysteriously erased by a nifty plug-in module of “Flame,” aka “Flamer,” aka “Skywiper.” I don’t think the Iranians much wanted their data to be “Skywiped.” Imagine if you were, say, France, and you woke up one morning to find out that the networks of some nuclear military contractor had been “skywiped.” You wouldn’t call that “espionage,” would you? Let’s not be disingenuous.)))
'Flame,' a cyberweapon that makes Stuxnet look cheap | Beyond The Beyond |
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