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Two weeks ago the New York District Attorney’s sent a subpoena to Twitter, seeking information about the account belonging to Jeffrey Rae.

Rae himself received an email, which included a copy of a subpoena from the DA requesting data from his account.

“You are commanded to appear before the criminal court of the County of New York as a witness in a criminal action prosecuted by the People of the State of New York against Jeffery Rae,” the subpoena reads.

It also says the activist must “produce” in court all tweets that came from his account, @jeffrae, from September 15 to October 31 of last year, "as a witness in a criminal action.”

Legal gray area emerges in social media privacy

Now the OWS protesters are sure authorities want to use social media data as evidence against them to stop the movement against “corporate greed”.

Twitter sticks together with OWS protesters — RT

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