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Back in 2009, Arbor Networks, a company specializing in network management, announced that the peer-to-peer model of file sharing, wherein each client acts as a server, was in decline. Users were turning more and more towards streaming.[...]

For some, like Maxime Rouquet or La Quadrature du Net, the fight against piracy will push users towards securing their connection more and more, something which can have disastrous effects on the network.
And of course, nothing will be donated to the artists,” adds Benjamin Bayart. “With peer-to-peer, everyone wins. Nobody earns or loses money. In general, people are looking for something that they have simply not found elsewhere, or can’t afford. Those people who have money and are not spending it are a minority.”
He concludes:If you try to block peer-to-peer, what will people do? They wouldn’t be able to find that latest episode of Dexter that they were looking for. Result: people will stop watching the series. It’s exactly the same not broadcasting a song over the radio: you’re losing out on an audience. The only way to ensure that people don’t download any more, would be to suppress their interest in culture

The Return of Peer-To-Peer | La Quadrature du Net
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